A Unique, Multi-Modal, Cloud-based Slicer

  • 3D Print Slicing
  • Customizable GCode Profiles
  • Intelligent Support Generation
  • Lighter, Stronger Infills
  • X-Ray Layer Views
  • CNC Toolpaths
  • Customizable GCode Profiles
  • Automatic Smart Tab Cutouts
  • Integrated GCode Sender
  • X-Ray Layer Views
  • Laser Stacking
  • Auto or custom slice height
  • Layer tiling for stacking cuts
  • DXF and SVG Output

  • Recursive Block-based Modeling

    block type 108
    block type 129
    block type 153

    Grid.Space is exploring the concepts of modular, reusable building blocks for human habitation. This site hosts tools and designs that enable the creation of adaptable structures.