Free 3D Slicer and GCode generator Click to run in browser

  • 3D Print Slicing
  • Customizable GCode Profiles
  • Intelligent Support Generation
  • Lighter, Stronger Infills
  • X-Ray Layer Views
  • CNC Toolpath Generation
  • Customizable GCode Profiles
  • Automatic Smart Tab Cutouts
  • Integrated Path Visualization
  • X-Ray Layer Views
  • Laser Cutting & Stacking
  • Auto or custom slice height
  • Layer tiling for stacking cuts
  • DXF and SVG Output

  • Open Model Open Source Core-XY 3D Printer

    Simple to Construct
    Open Design
    Open Source

    Free Block-based Modeling Using Recursion

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    block type 204
    block type 197

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